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Ok, this really is me, Josh the Brony, this time, everypony(scovy)

Well, here I am again. I guess it was good that I got hacked because it reminded me how much fun it is to post in my livejournal. I made some new friends over the weekend named Orwell and Hugo. They are cool guys and I like forward to getting to know them better. I can't believe it is March already though. I really like the fries at Bruster's, they are amazing. What does everyone think about the Las Pegasus Unicon debacle? I nearly went so now I feel like a dodged a bullet. I'm glad last year's My Little Pony fair was nice and safe. It is always good to meet new brony friends particularly now that I have nothing to do in my life but wait for season four to come out. I feel stagnant with all this waiting. These days I wake up, realize that I have to wait for months for a new episode, cry all day until I fall asleep. Pretty depressing but oh well.
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