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Sorry I didn't post in 2012 but I was busy becoming a Brony

Hi everypony! Gosh, I can't believe that I didn't post at all last year. You see, I took Heather out to buy her a happy meal because I am such a nice guy. This was last March. They had My Little Pony toys for her and she got Pinkie Pie. She likes when the pony toys come around each year since she has most of her childhood toys still but has never felt the need to get them all. However, in 2012, the ponies were keychains which as you recall, she collects. I tried to convince her that her toy was not a keychain but that totally didn't work. She asked me to record an episode of the new cartoon for her to view. She liked the boy pony noses but did not like the pointy girl noses and the big anime style bug eyes. I personally love pointy girl noses and live for big anime eyes. Since this time, I have been watching ponies nonstop, with or without Heather. Usually without. Late at night. I went to the Pony Fair last summer too. I love watching pmv's (pony music videos) and collecting all the pony pictures I can find. My Mane 6 favorite is the lovely Twilight Sparkle. If I were actually a horse, I'd date her. I also enjoy Princess Cadance, the element of Love Harmony because she is so nice and pink and a princess. Princess Luna is nice too. Everyone should watch the cartoon and buy lots of pony toys as well.

This has been a big trifecta these past few days. First Mardi Gras aka Potchkey Tuesday. I went with Heather to eat pancakes. By the way, Heather isn't jealous that I love Twilight Sparkle, she understands these sorts of things. You can't choose who you love after all!

Then yesterday was Ash Wednesday. I am giving up things and abstained from meat. I did not fast in the strictest sense nor did I pick up my free ashes. I did feed the muscovies at the pond though. They seemed mostly happy about it. I am so excited that Pre-Lent is finally over. Lent 2013 is going to be the best Lent ever!

Today, of course, is the Feast of St. Valentine. He was a cool dude. In Equestria, where the my little ponies live, this holiday is known as Hearts and Hooves day. I met Heather for a quick meal. I gave her a Pepe Le Pew keychain, a giant stuffed frog keychain and the same box of candy from last year except smaller and without googly eyes. Oh well. I only picked up the night before like usual. On the other hoof, Heather spent like 4 hours lovingly picking out tons of pony valentines last month and gave me a glitter tattoo and a stuffed Fluttershy to go with the stuffed Twilight Sparkle she gave me for my birthday.

I also recently got a new son or daughter on January 25. His name is baby fishy. Heather saw a poop trail he had and he also seems to be getting his very own Mickey Mouse cutie mark. He is an only child and is very special.

I know I mention Heather a lot but Vince and George and I have gotten along so well. They are very, very special someponies in my book.

I resolve for this Lent and forever to post more on LentenMuscovies, LJ's premier Lent and muscovies community and you should too.

Thanks, Josh the Brony out.
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